Personal resilience session for parents of children with additional needs

Who is this session for?

  •  Does your child have additional needs?
  • Are you feeling isolated and stressed?
  • Would you like to learn new ways of helping YOURSELF to cope with the day to day stresses of life with a child with additional needs?
  • Would you like the chance to meet other parents in similar situations to yourself?

Then this session is for you..

NHS Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees Commissioning Groups are running a practical, relaxed session on helping you with new ways of managing how you feel and how you cope day to day.

This is NOT a behaviour management course, this is about you as a person, not as a mum or dad or carer, but you as an individual.

The session will last for 3 hours in total. There will be time to mix and meet people, time to learn practical things that will help you develop new coping mechanisms, and time for a relaxing drink and a chat.

To book onto a session please ring Janette Darwin 01422 261300, or email her on you can also book online the URLs of each event are below Just click and reserve your place

 Numbers are limited so please if you cannot attend let them know as soon as you can. Dates and times are below

Your facilitator for the session is Christine Mclean, who is a very experienced author, speaker and coach for the NHS and local government on resilience, managing change, and the development of inner strength to manage life’s ups and downs. She is a nurse and midwife by background and is passionate about helping people develop useful coping skills in difficult times.

She has been commissioned to design and deliver this especially to support parents of children with disabilities.


Dates, times and venues for each session:

day date time venue
Saturday 28th February 9.00-1.00 Northorpe Hall
Saturday 7th March 9.00- 1.00 Cliffe House
Friday 20th March 9.30-1.30 Dewsbury Moor Children’s Centre
Thursday 7th May 9.30-1.30 Cathedral House
Friday 15th May 9.30-1.30 Huddersfield Mission



Comments from parents who have attended previous sessions:

 ‘Gave me space and a structure to think differently’

 ‘Helped me realise that I am doing my best and I am a good mum’

 ‘Helped me have more confidence in myself’

 ‘Gave me chance to think about me and how I develop coping strategies when things get tough’

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