What is PCAN?

What is PCAN?

PCAN is an independent forum for parents who care for children (aged 0 to 25) with additional needs. As a registered charity run by volunteer parent carers, we aim to support each other with information and friendship.

In addition, PCAN is the main point of contact for the local authority, NHS Trusts, service providers and other professional and voluntary agencies, who want to learn more about the views of parents and carers in Kirklees. We work tirelessly to ensure parents’ voices are heard during the design, delivery and evolution of services for our children. This approach – known as parent participation– reaps real benefits. To see examples of PCAN’s work please visit our participation projects page

Whilst we receive some funding from central government and local authority, we operate completely independently of them and work for the best interests of our members.

If you would like to meet other parents, receive regular information and take part in the activities we organise, please join us– it’s free to do so!

What PCAN is not:

  • Unfortunately PCAN cannot offer one to one support, but we can signpost you in the direction of the information you need. Also, don’t forget that, as parents, you can support each other by sharing experiences in person or via social media.
  • PCAN cannot offer advice. However we can signpost you to services or relevant information.
  • PCAN is not an aggressive, confrontational movement – we get results by building positive relationships with local service providers and working effectively in partnership with them.

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