Preparing for Adulthood and Future Living

Preparing our young people for the future is pretty scary, especially when we start thinking about where they might live in the future and who might be caring for them if you are no longer able to, or if they want to be independent and branch out on their own.

Here are some resources to help you get your thoughts together and start to plan:

Guide below by the Charity Sense, Decisions to Take, Steps to Take:

campaign-when-im-gone-decisions-to-make-steps-to-take-a-guide-to-planning-long-term-care-and-support-for-disabled-adults-and-their-families (2)

A Parents’ Guide to Preparing for Adulthood

What Preparing for Adulthood means

Information about Supported Living

A Home of My Own information

Easy Read Preparing for Adulthood guide for young people