Rules for PCAN Professionals who are also Parents Closed Facebook Group

Hi PCAN parents and carers, the PCAN Professional parents’ closed group is here to offer peer support, friendship and information. It is for parent carers who also have a professional role working with children with SEND and/or their families (eg. Teacher, Learning Support Assistant, SENACT Officer, Social Worker, Therapist etc). Please remember before you post:

a. The rules of the group – see below.

b. If you would not want what you say to be repeated anywhere or would not say it in person, be mindful that once something is posted you have placed it in the public arena. Even though this is a closed group this information could be potentially shared elsewhere, either by mouth or in print.

As admin we monitor as much as possible, but it is difficult to ensure that your information is not passed on by other users in this group. We try to maintain this closed group as a confidential site, and breaches are investigated but it is by its nature a social media outlet and the spread of information is very hard to control. So it is up to you to make a judgement as to what you post. PCAN cannot accept any responsibility for what is posted on a public platform despite the measures we have put in place.

Our admins are: Tracey Smith McQuillan, Joanne Jackson, Johanna Hull

You can pm them if you have questions or concerns.


What’s shared in the group stays in the group.  Please do not share what you see on these pages with those who are not in this PCAN Facebook group – it’s a closed group for that reason. 

Only people who have joined PCAN can join the closed PCAN Facebook group. (If you request to join, we need to check our database to verify that someone is a member before they can be added to the group for everyone’s confidentiality and safety). So, a person must make the request themselves to be added to the group. You cannot just “add” them. If you want to “add” a friend who is not a PCAN member then that person needs to join PCAN first (and naturally be eligible to join). That person can apply through the website here. Then they can request to join the group themselves.

It is up to you how much personal information you post but if someone chooses not to use their name or their child’s name and you happen to know that person then don’t reveal that information in your post.

Please think carefully about how much you say about your children and don’t post photographs / videos. Be respectful of your child’s age and wishes.

If being critical don’t name individual school staff or medical professionals, social workers etc. 

No selling/advertising. 

But please post details of activities suitable for disabled/SEN children, and recommendations of activities/venues that you’ve visited which have been good – or bad (and why) we all find them useful. 

Please remember that this group is to support you in your role as a parent carer, not about helping you in your professional role.

Any unsuitable posts will be deleted by Admins.

The views expressed are those of the person posting, it is not to be taken as medical or legal advice, you should take professional advice if you need to.

Thank you for your cooperation.