Kirklees Council Budget Consultation – questions relating to Kirklees Music School Service

Kirklees Council is now in the second stage of public consultation over proposed budget options and ideas for 2015-2018.

Kirklees Music School (KMS), its Music Centres, tuition and the service they offer to 7,000 children and 200 schools will be directly affected by the outcome of this consultation process.

The Council is conducting a public survey on the proposals affecting services such as street cleaning, sporting activities, young peoples’ services and neighbourhood safety and has asked Kirklees Music School to bring the survey to your attention.

It contains a question about ‘Kirklees Music Service’ which actually relates to Kirklees Music School’s activities.

To participate in the online survey, please follow the link:

The feedback received will be used by the Council to understand which options and ideas are supported the most and least. KMS has relied for many years on the grant from Kirklees Council which enables us to provide:

  • seven Music Centres across Kirklees
  • tuition for Looked After Children (children in care)
  • support with tuition fees for families on low incomes through the Kirklees Priority Passport scheme
  • a gifted and talented scholarship programme
  • live professional music performances in schools

This consultation ends on Friday, December 5, 2014. Kirklees Council will then look at responses and report the findings to a Council meeting on January 14, 2015.

The councillors have the overall responsibility for making final budget decisions. Taking part in the survey will allow them to consider your views.

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