Deafblind Awareness Week 23rd – 29th June 2014

Deafblind Awareness Week (23rd to 29th June) aims to raise awareness about deafblindness and to increase support for deafblind people and their families.

About deafblindness

A deafblind person has a reduction or loss of both hearing and sight.  This affects the person’s ability to communicate, access information, get around and live independently.

There are a number of types, causes and conditions associated with deafblindness, including:

  • Congenital deafblindness – where a person is born with the condition or develops it in their early years.
  • Acquired deafblindness – where a person loses their sight and hearing after they have developed language in their early years.  It can also occur later in life as a result of aging.
  • Usher syndrome – this is a genetic or inherited condition that affects hearing, vision and balance.
  • CHARGE – a genetic condition which most commonly affects the ears, eyes, heart and nose.

Help and support

Sense is a national charity that provides advice, information and specialist services for children and adults with dual-sensory impairments.

You can visit their website or contact them at:

Tel:  0300 330 9256  or 020 7520 0972
Textphone:  0300 330 9256 or 020 7520 0972
Fax: 0300 330 9251

Deafblind UK is a national charity which aims to work towards a more equal society by raising awareness and understanding of deafblindness.  They support people with both a sight and hearing loss to remain in their own homes and participate in their local communities.   They also provide Peer SupportBefriending and Information and Advice services to people with a dual sensory loss, helping them to; live independently, interact with others, understand their rights and access their entitlements.  Visit their website to find out more.

PCAN Kirklees provides information about a variety of local and national organisations that can support parent carers and people with a range of conditions.

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