Creative art project Thursdays 10am – 12pm in Huddersfield

Carers Count, in conjunction with Hoot ‘Going Sane’ project are offering you an opportunity to develop your creative side and produce a fantastic piece of artwork to be displayed, published or taken home to share with your family and friends.

Being part of the Going Sane project means working with 2 artists for 10 sessions, every Thursday from 10am to 12pm, starting on Thursday October 15th 2015 at Carers Count, 8 Upperhead Row, Huddersfield.

You will make work as a group, create something fantastic to be displayed and performed.

All the work will go on the Going Sane Website: and will be part of a festival in 2016. No previous artistic skills needed – this is about being inspired, doing something new, having a go and meeting people. The sessions are free but they would prefer you to come to all 10 sessions. (NB Please accept our apologies from PCAN Kirklees for the late posting of this information.  If you contact them you may be able to still take part.)

For more details please contact Hoot on: Tel: 01484516224 Email:

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